Holding Out for a Hero

When I used to use the word “meme” to communicate my thoughts about thoughts, the listener(s) used to take me lightly, because the word “meme”, was not part of the “scientific mainstream”. And then I tell them “Did you know that the word ‘meme’ was first suggested by Richard Dawkins?”. “Really?” asks the listener, and suddenly, it adds a lot of credibility to the word, and the ideas that were rendered using that word.

It is interesting how we need a hero or hero-endorsement for everything, which I believe points to the underlying human survival strategy of sticking with the group/leader to reduce the effort for ensuring survival and happiness.
But the pursuit of truth, in this universe, requires the individual to venture out and to risk everything, including his own survival and reputation. It is this property of the universe that amazes me: A life and intelligence that evolved to exist with such shallow, lazy, cowardly, stick-with-the-group world-view, but lets a few subordinate their genetic/selfish interests for the greater good of the group.
When a few do such things with selflessness, something within makes to speculate whether there is a simulator which simulates reality with a goal of its own.

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