Hmm.. she is a typical girl

I’ve been talking to her. From what she has to say, she doesn’t even know to cook rice and I had to tell her the water to rice ratios. She seems to spending a lot of her dad’s money in shopping for clothes. I guess that is usual with girls with equal rights.Hmm.. I should get myself the financial caliber to get her. But I need to end human suffering too, and do a lot of good for mankind. Is it possible to get everything I want? It is definitely going to be hard.. But what else is this one chance at this intoxicating existence for? It should definitely be spent trying to achieve the impossible… It is the process of achieving things, that I am addicted to. I have been a failure most of my life, and have enjoyed the humility of being one. I wouldn’t mind doing it again.What if I end up in a situation in which, I have chose to adhere to the truth about the universe and be disliked by her family in doing so, OR delude myself with fallacies and be liked by her family in return? In other words, if I have to pick between adhering to truth OR falling in love, what would I pick?


2 thoughts on “Hmm.. she is a typical girl

  1. Believe in true (aka Biblical) definition of love and adhere to truth 🙂

  2. i wud say she is a normal girl in her upbringing nd u r one in urs.

    people call it diff. btwin wealthy nd nt.

    if u cud bridge the gap, without a conscious prick u r a winner.

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