People have been asking me what is it like being in love. Despite all the bollywood fairy tales, it is interesting to note that love is often underated and seldom pursued.Life has been fortunate for me, I have been in love. For people who need a definition, I’d like to steal what the Bible says: To love means to give, and not to take a.k.a unconditional non-reciprocative altruism. It is one of the few things Bible got right.I think everyone should fall in love. It is an experience worth experiencing in this intoxicating dream called life, no matter whatever the final outcome be.Once you are in love, there is nothing that will end it. It is constant. Even if you never end up being loved by your lover, you will still be happy that she is happy with the one she loves. No one, not even you lover can make you feel bad about it.And believe me, there are plenty of A-holes that do just that. Perhaps there is a yet unexplored realm of pleasure in my life in making other people feel bad about themselves. I haven’t quite understood it. Hopefully I never will.Unconditional, non-reciprocative altruism does seem counter intuitive from an evolutionary standpoint. The more religious out there, has an explaination that love exists in us as an analogue to how some higher being feels about us.I think the more scientific explanation is that, in a stable and predictable environment like ours K-selection predominates. Love is a K-selected trait that leads to fewer offsprings that are well nurtured. It is interesting to note that human beings owing to their social behaviours, higher analytical powers, higher self-awareness, and the resulting fear and depression, use love as a means to make life less lonely, worth appreciating and living.


2 thoughts on “Love

  1. Plenty of A-holes do what ? believing in biblical definition of love, which I also believe in. Hmm… ?

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