I know her height.

This post is for my own information. I asked her height. She asked me to reveal mine first, and after I did that, she revealed hers in feet with a certain quantity appearing after the decimal point. I asked her whether she had really meant the fractional quantity or was she thinking about inches, because 1 feet was 12 inches. After I explained the probable error, she does seem to think that she had made an error in thinking that inches could be put with feet after the decimal point. Anyways in either case (with the error or without the error) I am taller than her by more than a couple of inches. In fact, it is probable that I may be taller than most of her immediate relatives. A bit of competition seems to be from her younger brother, who seems to be as tall as I am by her accounts.I need to work on my nerdy appearance though. Hopefully the gym at NUS will help.


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