I want that feeling…

On that day, when I chatted with her and everything went well, I felt happiness after a long time. It reminded me of my childhood Christmas time at my uncles house.Christmases in those days was better than any Hollywood Christmas movie.Happiness I experience these days is very short lived and rare. Perhaps thats the reason why the founding fathers of USA only included the right to pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence. They knew it had to be “The Right to Pursuit of Happiness”, and not the right to happiness.Later at night, I was looking out into the moonlit sky and suddenly I realized, how insignificant but precious we are in this vast pile of lifeless gibberish that is everywhere. On a small piece of rock we spent a flicker of existence called life. Words may make it sound less humbling it really is. Everything that I thought was important: the girl I had a crush on, war, superstition, suffering is in fact nothing.”Vanity of vanities and all is vanity.” wrote the author of Ecclesiastes. There was time when I believed that it was true. But now I know it.


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