Cherry Picking

Using common sense to figure out what is literal and figurative in the bible as many evangelists do today, requires arbitrary line drawing. Don’t you see how this works? The universe is earth-centric… wait, science disproved that, so that must have been a metaphor. The earth (and universe) are only 6000 years old… wait science disproved that, I guess that must have been a metaphor too. I’ve got an idea… why not look at this like you would any other source of information: fairly. If the claims made in the bible show themselves to be wrong, then stop making excuses for it and treat it like it is: an unreliable source of information.

The only reason people started believing that the bible should be interpreted symbolically is because all of its claims turned out to be ludicrous… not because the bible states or implies that it should be interpreted this way.This is a dishonest and bias way to analyze data. If I came up with an explanation for something which was later disproved, you wouldn’t automatically assume that my data was just figurative would you? So why do people do this with the bible? If you look at anything in a figurative sense, you can make any crazy statement a truth.

God is just the line in the sand which separates the known from the unknown. As science continues to answer these unknowns, the line keeps getting drawn further and further back until God becomes obsolete. The only important question left will be, “are you willing to let go?”i{content: normal !important}


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