Do Windows users dream of Confirmation Dialogs?

Vista is out in the open. My friends are all mesmerized by it. Never-seen-before nice GUI, better security through informed consent and everything else. I tell them, Mac OS X has been rendering desktops using graphics cards for 5 years now. They tell me, everyone is using Microsoft, so will we. I tell them, every other OS has had better (Unix based) security (even Mac OS X uses *nix kernel) than Windows for last 30 years and MS is just re-inventing it. They tell me, Windows has viruses just because it is so wide spread.

I bark, but the MS caravan moves on. After 6 years of barking, I realize the truth: People get what they deserve. They deserve inferior technology. They deserve to spend their lives scanning 300 GB hard disks for spy wares and viruses.

Clicking through endless confirmation dialogs, even for the most trivial task like copying text in Vista, they become zombies when faced with serious confirmation dialogs. They end up clicking the leftmost button without reading through the message. You have clicked Yes. Are you sure you want to do this? Yes, No, OK, Cancel, Abort, Retry?

I get what I deserve too. I don’t read security advisories because most of it is for Windows. Any security issues I have on Ubuntu is patched automatically and more quickly than Windows machines. Automatix helps me install everything I need to use files & hardware from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Sony etc. at the click of a button.

New hardware doesn’t require me to search for drivers. Recently, I plugged in a scanner to a Windows machine and it went on forever to search for a driver. The Linux machine at my workplace just worked well with the scanner. No prompts, no nothing, it just works. My new (bought on 22nd Dec 2006) iPod nano turns on the RhythmBox Music player on Linux, it does everything what iTunes can. The shared printer at the end of the hall in a Windows network just works, I don’t know how. I see my friend’s Windows based shared folders with no configuration. I install Java Mobile Edition applications I develop on Netbeans for Linux into Motorola SLVR by just plugging it and drag-dropping the file.

My friends who say Linux has no games, play in PSPs and Xbox 360s. They don’t get it. Who plays games on desktops these days? Only losers do.


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