Am I one of the Magi?

In the May of 2005, Milton Wainwright, the same guy who is investigating the self-replicating (at 300C) thermophile-like structures in the red rains of Kerala, wrote a letter to the Editor of Times Online:

Sir, Like many biologists, Richard Dawkins (Weekend Review, May 21) views the theory of intelligent design merely as an attack on evolution when, being essentially identical to the anthropic principle, it has far wider implications.

Such ideas should not be dismissed simply because they have been hijacked by creationists. Despite Dawkins’s relentless propaganda, rational criticism of evolution and a distaste for biological reductionism do not equate to religious fundamentalism; bigotry should be resisted from whichever direction it comes.

Yours faithfully,
Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,
University of Sheffield,
Sheffield S10 2TN.
May 21.

Andy C McIntosh, Professor of Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory, University of Leeds who is a widely popular supporter of the intelligent design wrote another letter to the same Editor:

Sir, By building a straw man of creationists (supposedly) misquoting Darwin and Lewontin, Professor Dawkins labels the lot as “ignorant” and skirts the big issue — there is no hard evidence for molecules-to-man evolution.

Dawkins has long touted stories on how the eye and other organs came into being by supposed slow evolutionary processes, but there is no experimental evidence, even if one did accept the fossils as a record of such changes. Any serious thinker knows that the fossils of the “Cambrian Explosion” period, near the base of the geological column, include some of the most sophisticated eyes ever known to have existed — the compound eyes of trilobites have double calcite lenses, which defeat any slow evolutionary explanation, and, what is more, they have no precursor in the rocks.

The non-evolutionist side of the argument is growing not because of ignorance, but because of the rise of knowledge about the real facts of science without the fairytale additions of evolutionism. A growing number of academics on both sides of the Atlantic are attracted to the straightforward logic of scientific reasoning.

The logical, coded machinery of DNA and the information system it carries shout design to an unprejudiced mind. Dawkins’s defence is based not on scientific facts, but on ideology. Evolutionary thinking is teetering as a way of looking at the evidence, not because of some isolated problems here and there, but because the whole structure is scientifically wrong.

Yours faithfully,
(Professor of Thermodynamics and Combustion Theory),
Energy and Resources Research Institute,
Houldsworth Building,
University of Leeds,
Clarendon Road, Leeds LS2 9JT.
May 23.

I don’t know what to believe. I am waiting for the String Theory to be proved wrong or right in the LHC. If String Theory is wrong meduso-anthropic principle may be right. Even if String Theory is right, it could still be possible that, another form of life, which happened to have evolved in this universe or somewhere else designed us, and deliberately misguided us into believing fallacies that lead to altruism in the species, so that we live through technological advancement without destroying ourselves. Anyways, if Bible has to be right, everything would have to be running on a computer, where, if I quote Morpheus: some rules are bent, others broken.

In many ways, I find me similar to the Magi who arrived late, because they where guided by knowledge instead of truth.


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