There is no good shepherd

How clever it was for sheep to acquire shepherds? Think of what this gave them: They could outsource all their problems. Protection from predators, food finding, health maintenance, the only cost is a loss of free mating.

How clever of sheep, you might say, except of course it wasn’t the sheep’s cleverness. We all know, sheep are not exactly game theorists, they are not very smart. It wasn’t the cleverness of the sheep at all, they were clueless. But it was a very clever move. Whose clever move was it? It is a clever move of natural selection itself acting on the sheep. The wild cousins of sheep are still a minority because they don’t have shepherds to aid survival.

Human Beings are much better. We do not need a shepherd to help us to protect us from predators, food finding, health maintenance. We are the shepherds. We have always been.

In John 10 Jesus repeats “I am the shepherd… I am the good shepherd”. But with mass acceptance of the technologies that facilitate mass communication, we can clearly see how the “good shepherd” let millions of people die in tsunamis and earthquakes. The North Korean Kim makes children starve and commit cannibalism, and the “good shepherd” does nothing about it.

Oh, these things are meant to happen in these end of days you say. But what about the super disasters in the past (even before Christ)? Can we be sure that not a single innocent man died against of his own will (i.e. not a martyr) in natural disasters & disease? The great thing is that, there is no such thing as an innocent man, and hence everyone can be blamed for something or the other, and hence his/her involuntary death could be ruled out as God’s punishment.

I like to think religion is a pseudo-logical escapist framework to craft reasons for everything and God is an abstract shepherd that exists in our minds.

I was watching the “Apocalypto” the other day. Sure; modern religions did do their “good shepherding”; e.g. Christianity cured Mayan culture of its custom of human sacrifices; but now, it is time to switch shepherds.


One thought on “There is no good shepherd

  1. sheep r free bcause they don’t have 2 worry bout their future if there’s a shepherd.

    likewise it’s good 2 take less responsibility with a thought that there’s a shepherd over there. and take or notice only good things.

    we have evelids so v can close eyes 2 things v don’t like.

    pity v can’t close ears!!!

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