Bloody Ear Wax is Gone Now

Last Wednesday morning, I started experiencing a partial deafness in my right ear. Doctors at the Tampines 24-Hour Clinic told me it was hardened ear wax and gave me Docusate Sodium to soften it. By friday, the softened wax started to bother me, so I tried to take it out myself. But I was unsucessful, so I went back to ask them to flush it out. The otoscope at the Tampines 24-Hour Clinic was damaged so they asked me to get it done somewhere else. I went Tampines Polyclinic and they wanted me to continue on more ear wax softeners. So I told them that I was already done with Cerumenolysis, and I asked them to flush it out for me. They tried to flush it with a small syringe with water. But the water was not strong enough to clean the wax out. A major blob of wax remained. I was still deaf, and they said the remaining wax would go away on its on.

By yesterday, more wax started clogging my ear and I was getting more deaf by the minute. Today morning I narrated the whole story to a doc at the Raffles Medical branch in Tampines. Raffles are costliest repair shop in town. He used to a really powerful syringe to flush it and a LOT of wax came out and I am alright! And all they charged me was a dollar more than the Polyclinic!

Lesson learned: Never value health services by their relative costliness. Costly repair shops are better and they get everything done as promised.


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