Is this a stab at Apple’s Leopard & Yahoo?

Recently Microsoft decided to take out standard HTML emails out of Outlook 2007. They use a MS Word 2007 based HTML instead. That means Microsoft is using the monopoly they have in the desktop email client market to make sure everybody sends emails without HTML. Nice looking emails can only be generated by MS Word. Of course, very simple HTML mails can be made using any of HTML editors but they can only be validated using MS software which they provide.

I like to think this is a stab at Apple & Yahoo. Gmail won’t be affected because they have POP3 & SMTP servers which can be used with Outlook. Apple & Yahoo will be in deep trouble because the only way for those users to get un-mangled email newsletters from their partner companies would be by adopting MS email software like Windows Live Mail, Outlook 2007 or Windows Mail in Vista. Apple Mail 3 application in Mac OS X Leopard promised a lot of great looking email templates which would look the same everywhere. Now all of that is good for nothing because Apple based them on standard HTML.

I remember a lot of governments and organizations saying there is no compelling reason to switch from XP to Vista and now: there you have it. Just what you asked for. You may want to buy Outlook 2007 on Windows XP or you can consider the cheaper option, use Vista, if you need to get proper looking emails.

This is not Microsoft bashing. Standard HTML and CSS are better technology than MS Word HTML but we are all forced to stick to older & inferior technology because they say so.

It is a shame that most of the hippies from the 1970s who practically run the world these days are slaves for Microsoft. It is an even greater shame that the younger generation admires the shrewd tactics of Microsoft.

I guess I have to exit the Microsoft bandwagon. I would have loved them & their tactics, if they had been more concerned about better technology than maintaining monopoly.


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