The war between theism & atheism

The question atheists & theists are trying to answer is: “Why there is something instead of nothing?”

Atheists like me like to believe that there is no need for a complex initial cause like a God or an intelligence to explain the amazing complexity & efficiency found in biology OR the fine-tuned nature of fundamental physical constants. We always delegate purpose & the “illusion of design” found in nature to much simpler causes like necessity (e.g. survival of the fittest) & chance. We believe this planet is just right for evolution of life because there are billions of planets and this planet just happens to be good enough for life. We also like to “believe” in string theory which explains that this universe is just right for life because it is one among many universes which is part of much larger multiverse. As of now we like to “believe” multiverse is the end of it all and there is no need of a multi- multiverse because … at higher dimensions like the 10th dimension everything has happened and everything will happen.. and we are just part one set of happenings. But we are always open minded on our beliefs and willing to continually change it.

We continually invoke the one-among-many and survival-of-fittest type arguments because we believe that will take us to the truth. And we are right because history has shown that scientific curiosity is good for the betterment of human lives.

But if you have noticed: We have not been able to explain why there is something (multiverse) instead of nothing. Neither can you.

We (theists & atheists alike) are all running for the same goal – the truth. But in the process of it none of us should resort to non- altruistic acts and destroy ourselves or the tranquility of our minds. I am sure both theists and atheists can agree on this. Nobody wants to die. Even (most) people who believe in a heaven don’t want to die to get there. Because in case you didn’t know life is the best things that happened to all of you


One thought on “The war between theism & atheism

  1. fantastic…….no words man
    i like the last part esspecially
    Even (most) people who believe in a heaven don’t want to die to get there

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