Russell Peters on Arranged Marriages

“Marriage is a big deal in India. One of my cousins back in India wasn’t allowed to marry because we hadn’t given the brides family enough cows! Not enough cows!! You see, in India it is a pick up line to go up to a girl in a bar and say, ‘[Indian accent]Hey, I got 5 cows out back that say you are coming home with me.’ “

“I love the reaction I get from people when they learn I am Indian. I go ‘I’m Indian.’ The other guy goes ‘Oh, Indian… I like curry.’ ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ Now non-Indian people think they know all about arranged marriages. ‘So I hear that when you’re born, the first thing your parents do is chose a nice girl for you to marry when you’re old enough.’ ‘No, No! It doesn’t work like that. Arranged marriages are more like going to a car show. Your dad lets you look at, and compare all the cars. ‘[Indian accent]Oh that one is nice. You would like that one, you like it? Ya, you are going to get that one.’ – ‘Don’t I get to test drive it?’ – ‘[Indian accent]No, not now, wait until you are married, then you can test drive it all you want.”

Dude… this guy is the coolest comedian HAHA!. But: too bad that he hates his dad for being so strict with him. Hmm..


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