More mysteries revealed

23 minute reply has always been a mystery. But recent intelligence reports show that she is used to writing such replies, and used to getting such emails. Thus it is highly probable she forged the same reply she is giving to everyone else.

This insight re-enforces my existing assumptions about the illusion of speedy problem solver, who creates a to-be-feared image by solving a similar problem that has been solved many times before.

I am reminded of my own words:

Speed is not a necessity. Any fool can be fast if he has solved a similar problem before. And this is all what hypocrites around you are. They seem to be fast because they have done it before.

Further Over-Inclusive Analysis
Shaun has a tendency to retaliate, even to nice people. Very egocentric & has very high self-esteem, doesn’t get pissed off easily. Can choose to do embarrassing deeds in public.

She is an ESFJ (highly probable) or an ENFJ (less probable). May have been previously interested in INTPs (less probable) and ISTPs (highly probable). ISTPs are usually pilots, which cross references with the communications with the popular nice guy – Benison from Jet Airways on 10:26 PM PDT 6/3/2006.

Could Shaun be talking about Benison? Highly unlikely.
Could she be a hypocrite? Highly unlikely.

Over Analysis
Definitely worried, but deals with it maturely. Prefers harmony to direct confrontation. May be incorrectly blaming herself (less probable). Does not speak about this to parents, but may talk about it soon. There is also a high probability of discussion with friends. And a decreased probability of attendance at reunion which is favorable.

Probable course of future events

* Decrease in her internet usage.
* Me asking her to stop using the internet – very dangerous, and should be avoided for maintaining innocent image in the society. (a.k.a Do not play God, omniscience is evil in the eyes of men.)
* Her discussion with her friends – may lead to my embarrassment.
* Her discussion with her parents – may happen and is favorable.
* This is a classic variation from the movie scenario. If everyone goes for the blond, not a single one is going to get her because the social fabric is against such things. Hence, the most suggested path is withdrawal. But this war was inevitable because the ones who considered themselves to worthy had to try… on the other hand she has to underestimate the plausibility for future long term commitment because that is an evolutionary goal.


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