Me in Words

My Existing Situation
Volatile and outgoing. Needs to feel that events are developing along desired lines, otherwise irritation can lead to changeability or superficial activities.

My Stress Sources
The existing situation is disagreeable. Has an unsatisfied need to ally myself with others whose standards are as high as my own, and to stand out from the rank and file. My control of my sensual instincts restricts my ability to give myself, but the resulting isolation leads to the urge to surrender and allow myself to merge with another. This disturbs me, as such instincts are regarded as weaknesses to be overcome; I feel that only by continued self-restraint can I hope to maintain his attitude of individual superiority. Wants to be loved or admired for himself alone; needs attention, recognition, and the esteem of others.

My Restrained Characteristics
Circumstances are forcing me to compromise, to restrain my demands and hopes, and to forgo for the time being some of the things I want.

Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense. Sensitive and sentimental, but conceals this from all except those very close to me.

My Desired Objective
Desires a tranquil, peaceful state of harmony offering quiet contentment and a sense of belonging.

My Actual Problem
Wants to be valued and respected, and seeks this from a close and peaceful association of mutual esteem.

My Actual Problem #2
Needs to achieve a stable and peaceful condition, enabling me to free myself of the worry that I may be prevented from achieving all the things I want.


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