The state of things, and simulations from my prefrontal lobe

Now that the world has manifested itself as a place where no dreams are fullfilled, no one to please, no god to fear; I have nothing to lose, because a loser is all what I have been all my life and that is not going to change.

Individual ambitions serve the common good, Nash equlibriums aid group selection, but the world doesn’t need me even though I choose to live. Like a stone that rolls down on a ramp to lowest point, happiness is not something that has to be found, but a state that one has to be in.

As one lives a life, it takes to irrevocable situations. Some of these situations may definetly be preffered to others, but nothing deserve to be pursued with an adour that may affect the tranquility of our future selves. Irrevocability aids the synthesis of happiness.

So all that I choose to do now is to experience as much as possible, and try to end up in as many irrevocable situations as possible, so that I can be happy with what I will have been into.


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