Plight of Indian Education

The NY Times has an interesting article about the plight of the Indian higher education system.

From the article:

Teaching emphasizes silent note-taking and discipline at the expense of analysis and debate.

“Out! Out! Close the door! Close the door!” a management professor barked at a student who entered his classroom at Hinduja two minutes late. Soon after his departure, the door cracked open again, and the student asked if he could at least take his bag.

The reply: “Out! Out! Who said you could stand here?” A second student, caught whispering, was asked to stand up and cease taking notes.

I remember those days in school when the teacher would read stuff out from a thick book (which everyone could afford) and we would copy them down to the notebooks. Teachers, like Gods hated FAQs.

Me: Why is -1 x -1 = 1 ?
Teacher: You didn’t know that?!

[She shows a sign-board that says “Laugh” and the whole cohort starts laughing at me, although they don’t know how

-1 x -1 = 1]

Why do I keep whining about this, and not taking any steps to change it? Well, the answer-with-proofs to that question is very long. I may explain that in another post. But the short answer is that: People choose not to accept my ideas and solutions. In other words, I’m not Gandhi. I don’t prefer leadership to subjection, nor do I prefer subjection to leadership. But I hate bad leaders, and bad decisions, which makes me want to lead for the greater good of the group.

All my life, I thought that cowards lived longer than heroes, so I chose to run away and be here. This place has helped me a lot. It gave me the life I deserved. Unlike in the fairy tales, step-mothers are better than mothers.


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