Rational Rose

I’ve been trying for some time to reason my way out the crush I had on Miss X. And I found my perfect reason: She is trying delegate the guilt of rejection to her parents. TADA! Actually I didn’t arrive at this belief myself. Monica helped me out.

Damn! the mind is like a Gordian Knot and you got to untie it without cutting it open. Mm…

In related news, a study just published in Evolution and Human Behavior by Sarah Hill, a psychologist at the University of Texas, Austin, show, and many women will attest, men tend to misinterpret innocent friendliness as a sign that women are sexually interested in them. The researchers reasoned that men who are trying to decide if a woman is interested sexually can err in one of two ways. They can mistakenly believe that she is not interested, in which case they will not bother trying to have sex with her; or they can mistakenly believe she is interested, try, and be rejected. From an evolutionary standpoint, trying and being rejected comes at little cost, except for hurt feelings. Not trying at all, by contrast, may mean the loss of an opportunity to, among other things, spread one’s DNA.

There is an opposite bias in women’s errors. They tend to undervalue signs that a man is interested in a committed relationship. That, the idea goes, is because a woman who guesses wrongly that a man intends to stick around could end up raising a child alone.

I guess that explains a lot of things that have been happening around in my life.


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