[United States] Police suck…

Mostafa Tabatabainejad an Iranian American student in UCLA was electrocuted by the cops using a tazer 5 times because he did not have a student ID with him. You can see the video here.

If you listen to the video, after the first electrocution he stopped resisting, the cops on the other hand continued to tazer him because he wouldn’t (in their eyes) stand up despite police protocol being very clear that it can take 10 – 15 minutes for a suspect to get over being tazered.

The second time was questionable, the third, the fourth and the fifth equals them going after him and attacking him. Add in more than one witness being threatened by the cops for filming and or asking their badge number (which by law every cop in the entire country MUST do regardless of who they are and whatever the officers claim)and its quite clear the officers where untrained in a potential riot situation, or where out for blood after the students started questioning their motives and thought that the easiest way to scare of the gathering crowd of 40-60 people would be to torture the suspect in front of them.

US Police sucks! With that said, I must also add that these are bad times for all light-brown colored people [like me]. Actually incidents like these involving police happen everywhere.

I have always been a victim of “random” checks by the Singapore police.. may be because, I look like an Afghan. That is OK with me… because these men are doing it for the greater good of mankind. The problem happens when you forget to take your ID with you, and you didn’t shave your 3-day beard (that makes me look like a fucking terrorist!). To add to the irony, most policemen are ex- high school bullies. They are not just good at being bullies but they were born for this. I mean.. think of it.. What else could a bully want other than a licence to bully people? It is like having kryptonite! So these policemen try to intimidate me hoping that I would retaliate..

Fortunately for me… I’ve been brainwashed by nonsensical doctrines of my faith. Christianity is an interesting religion in that if you adhere to it “fully” for 15 years.. you will end up being a loser all your life i.e. You will prefer subjection to authority, self-deprication to self-exaltation, nerdiness to hunkiness, introversion to extroversion, foolish hope to self-reliance etc and everything else that would make you inferior from an evolutionary standpoint. [BTW, most of the so-called christians unlike me are just pretending to be people of faith so that they get best of the both worlds, see this]

Where was I?.. OK so when the police intimidated me I did not retaliate. I just subjected myself to their authority.

  • [Initial questioning]
  • Police: [In a suspicious tone] Why do look like you are afraid? What are you hiding?
  • Me: I don’t know what I am afraid of.
  • Police: Where do you live?
  • Me: [I am stading near the Block 322] I live in this block [points fingers to the building and says] – #04-154, Block 322.
  • Police: No you are lying! This is not Block 322!
  • [Policemen looks around and sees the signboard that tells him it is indeed Block 322]
  • Me: [empathetically] Yes it is Block 322!
  • [I try to get a look at his badge, so that I can file a complaint.]
  • Police: [In an angry tone] Hey! Hey! Look at me in the eyes when you answer to me! What is your religion? Where are you from?
  • Me: I am from India. My FIN is [FIN number].
  • [The police go to their car and cross checks the number with their database and lets me go].

In case you are wondering why I prefer step-motherlands to my motherland after all these experiences… I should tell you that, I’ve had many worser experiences in my motherf****ingland. But more on that in my future posts.


One thought on “[United States] Police suck…

  1. Well, I’ve not seen the video (you know why), but it seems quite idiotic to conclude who you’re from your looks. It seems another apartheid era has started.

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