What evidence should God give?

The unshaken ideological fanaticism shown by atheists would have been an unshaken faith in God if Jesus had left some evidence for his Godliness. Although atheists are the minority, I’m sure Jesus would leave the flock to get the lost sheep.

I’ve been thinking about the type of evidence Jesus could have given so he could simultaneously achieve his mission objectives (i.e. dying for our sins, making people repent for their sins.) and give evidence for the people of today.

One of the primary justifications for NOT doing any mega- miracles in his time is that, if all people really start to think he is God, then they would not crucify him, which means he would not be able to die for sinners or make people repent for their sins.

But my feeble intellect tells me that evidences for Jesus’ godliness could have been given in such a way that he would still die for our sins AND leave evidence for post-renaissance atheists. Here are my humble suggestions:

He could have taught a second prayer to his disciples: a sequence of 30 numbers in their native language, which represent the 30 digits following the trillionth digit of the decimal expansion of pi. He could have commanded them not to change a single number in the prayer because this will be evidence for future generations of his godliness, and ask the prayer to be taught as a meme through the generations. He could have also added lines to the prayer in their native language about how this sequence of numbers would make sense when the circumference of a circle is divided by the diameter. And add another clause, something similar to Revelations 13:18: “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the circle using circumference & diameter, the number is [the digits go here] “

Although I am not sure how efficient & noiseless would the transmission of this meme be through the generations, I am sure most of the native languages of his time (Bronze Age) had easily translatable words for the ten digits of base ten number system, words for circle, circumference & diameter.

I am also sure that just like how the Book of Revelations 11:10, predicted the future of mass media, Jesus could have foreseen the computers of today which are capable of calculating the trillionth digit of pi.

So why didn’t Jesus give a verifiable evidence in his time similar to mine, or something more better at turning the fanatic unbelievers of today into believers?

I am no pot to ask the potter the reasons for his choices but somehow “God works in mysterious ways” doesn’t sound logical to me here.

Anyway, I think that is what faith is all about. To have faith means to deny logic & reason, to deny the very same things that make us human. To have faith means to use logic & reason in explaining only the the things that are resonant with our inner beliefs about the universe.


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