Dramatic Nightmare

I had the most dramatic nightmare today. It was apocalypse, and all mankind were going to drown in the rising waters. But a boat quickly came to the harbor, and there was a woman in it who would let people in if they answer a question. Those who got the answer wrong were decapitated by swinging a wrecking ball onto their heads.

But fortunately, me and my family – (mom, dad, bro, another girl & lots of crew) had a space rocket and we flew to the moon. We made a colony and I showed my brother tiny flashes of light on the lunar horizon. I explained to him that those lights were because of the meteorite rain making electrostatic discharges when colliding with the lunar rocks. The moon was not a pretty place to live, but it kept us alive.

All of us went to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep thinking about everything that had happened that day. Suddenly, I saw red light spot on the bedroom wall, presumably made by a LED laser. I quickly realized that someone was taking an aim at me with some kind of a gun. But then I found
that it was gun underneath my bed and the aimer was turned on and that was making those red spots on the wall. The gun was really cool… it was the best gun I’ve ever seen. I tried aiming and taking a shot.

The next day, the usual chit-chat started becoming a heated argument. All I remember is the girl talking something about her wanting to leave the colony, and exploring into deep space.. hoping to find another place to live.


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