People get what they deserve

“Isn’t it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft…As for me, give me a fixed gear bicycle!” — A previous generation Indian cyclist

“It is better not to use a calculators, slide rules or the abacus… The best brains are the ones that are used the most. And calculators simply make you less brainy. Use the Clark’s (clerk’s [?!] ) tables if you need to.” — My math prof back at a university in India. [Digression: why was OLPC rejected in India?]

“A true power user uses a custom Linux from scratch without any GUI or package management.” — My linux mentor who introduced me to linux back in India.

“Do not use a Computer Algebra System. All symbolic math operations like long integration problems must be done using your brain not a computer. The best brains are the ones that are used the most. And CAS software simply make you less brainy.”
— My math prof back at a university in India.

“We should lift & move these huge rocks with our muscle power when building the Stonehenge. Do not use these artificial mechanisms like people in Europe.” — ancestors of east indians who couldn’t build the Stonehenge.

“The concrete is mixed well when it is mixed with the hand. Concrete mixing machines do a bad job. We must declare a strike if the contractor tries to implement technology.” — an Indian construction worker

“We Indian’s are so brainy compared to the rest of the world because we are vegetarians. Non-vegetarian food makes you less brainy and weak.” — people of the land who fail to realize that almost everything is a meat eater’s science or technology and that most olympic winners are meat eaters.

“Fair skinned people are not strong and will not excel in sports… They must be humilated in front their colleagues if they try to participate.” — my high school P.E teacher back in India, a land which does not have many achievers (w.r.t China with same population) in sports.

My favorites

“It is very difficult for rich people to go to heaven. So “involuntary” poverty is good thing. And we must thank God for this fate and should do nothing to change it.” — Church Priest. [BTW, what christ wanted is voluntary poverty, i.e what Bill Gates is doing].

“There will have been no poverty if all rich people simply gave away all the money to the poor. Give the beggar some fish and he will never be hungry again. So we should confiscate all the property owned by this rich and give it to the poor” — post independence Indians.

“So many people are starving around the world, so we must be happy with what we have” — My grandma. [BTW how does our complacency solve the world’s hunger. Shouldn’t we export seeds and help foreign agriculture instead of fasting?]

“Everything is fate so we ‘should’ do nothing to change it. We being in such a state of idle observation is fate so we ‘should’ nothing to change it. We being idle makes everything more fate like” — a typical Indian when faced with difficulties in life.


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