We need a Gandhi, and a march to Dandi

The Hindu is running a story about how the Indian Government is accusing optical broadband providers for not paying tax for light energy through fibre optic lines. Light energy being a product (not a service) is taxable @ 12.5% VAT.

When the British empire controlled India, they levied a small tax on the production of all salt in the country. It was not that the government made much by this tax, nor was it that the people were burdened by it. But india ran on salt, and by taxing it the British controlled it. It was for this reason that Gandhi lead a march to the sea to do the very simple thing of making salt in oppisition to british rule.

When I read that a government that was created by the power and witness of such acts now wished to tax the production and transmission of light, It makes me wonder if they have even read their history.


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