The sinking Atlanta of modern times

“In the richest city in India, with the nation’s economy marching ahead at an enviable clip, middle-class people like Mrs. Prasher are reduced to foraging for water. Their predicament testifies to the government’s astonishing inability to deliver the most basic services to its citizens at a time when India asserts itself as a global power.” –> Link 1

“With water brimming well past the permitted levels at the 350-foot Ukai Dam, according to official records, and the skies showing no sign of relief, the engineers apparently threw open the reservoir’s 21 sluice gates. Water then did what water does. It surged downriver, swallowing this city of three million people like a hungry beast. The diamond lanes of India became a warren of muck and ruin. In less than three days, at least 120 people died. More than 4,000 animal carcasses were later hauled out of the mud. Two weeks after the floods, Surat’s diamond-polishing factories were practically empty of workers, who had fled fearing disease. An industry group estimated the losses at $60 million. Exactly what happened in Surat is still under investigation.” –> Link 2

“The country is running through its groundwater so fast that scarcity could threaten whole regions like this one, drive people off the land and ultimately stunt the country’s ability to farm and feed its people.” –> Link 3

“Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.” — George Bernard Shaw

Nothing that was said above has to be right just because somebody said it. But I like to think that Gandhi wouldn’t have wanted independence if he knew those foreigners who had no idea about our land were doing a better job at governing than what we are doing to ourselves now.

I think India is a Gordian Knot, with just harsh solutions to all the problems. If you think you deserve more than what you get I suggest you’d leave India for good.

“Individual ambition serves the common good” — Adam Smith


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