Ancient idiots were lucky

A friend of mine was telling me how some survived the ancient neurosurgeons of Egypt. Although I remained skeptical, it turns out to be true. A papyrus bought by american egyptologist Edwin Smith has detail descriptions, diagnoses, treatments and prognoses of 48 neurosurgical and orthopaedic cases. Although ancient civilizations are generally regarded as primitive, the Smith papyrus demonstrates that the ancient Egyptians had highly advanced knowledge of medicine even during 3000 years BCE.

Similar claims are made my Indians and other ancient civilizations too: which by the way shouldn’t be surprising because 1. modern genetics show all human beings were part of a smaller population of 2000 in ethiopia who shared the same language and knowledge 2. there existed a minimum but relevant communication between these lately formed civilizations.

How did human beings get hands on these relatievely accurate knowledge (wrt other nonsensical ideas) about biological machinery in the absense of a scientific method? Why did those lucky few survive the anicient surgeons?

If I disregard the various North-African religious texts (e.g. Bible) which claim the existence of a man named Nimrod who consulted the dark side of the force (e.g. Satan) to gain medical knowledge, I am left with an explanation:

Life has an uncanny ability to profit out of coincidences. In other words, Life itself is process that resists any change that negatievely affects its sustenance. We just happens to be the best at it on the list. The fortunate combination of various highly frutiful biological, psychological, cognitive & social factors and beliefs makes us better at being a life. And intelligence (i.e Life 2.0) just happens to be capable of deriving an explanation for even the most random set of events.


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