Notes to Myself

By repeatedly posting criticisms about India and everyone else on this blog, I have made sure that no one reads it unless they are invited. My other tactics also proved to working, which have made me; out of my own will, reclusive and un noted in the society. I do this so as to enable free thinking beyond the normal. Following this post, you will find the thoughts of a freed mind – which may be free from grammar and focus of topic. My over inclusive thoughts will make you want to classify me as a schizophernic. But I am not. I am perfecty sane.

Why do I write this then? Human mind can store just 1GB, and it appears to compress information to the limits found by Shannon. There are times I spent after the monthly migraine attack when I have this spur of productivity then when truths are just so clear and fascinating. I have this fear, and I have even experienced it often that I forget my conclusions from those times. I need some form to store my own idiosyncrasies and itermediary foolish thoughts, in my own way, so that I don’t have to re-derive them everytime.

Why don’t I want you to read this blog anymore? So that it wil enable me to express myself freely without any fear of being observed. Thank you in advance.


One thought on “Notes to Myself

  1. agree with the theory that unless you drive evryone out, you cant be expressive… at least that you cant be true to your self…

    but then there are those so called outcasts who really doesnt care wat the grammer is, the thoughts are just wat matters… right or wrong, maybe unformed yet, maybe against wat you believe, but every single spark is ought to be respected…

    P.S : youre schizophernic and totally insane.

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