Spoon Fed

I don’t know what will be the future of the Indian society. Kids are given everything they need. They stay with their parents till their 30s (some even more). Parents do laundry, cooking and housekeeping. When these kids finish education, they get “placed” in software companies with good salaries. When they are 20-something parents find them their life partners.

I like to think that the new Indian generation has no experience handling real life scenarios as most of them are their “mama’s boys” till they are in their middle ages. They wouldn’t want to take risks, venture out and pursue their dreams as it is safer to do what everybody does.

It will make an economy with conflicting ideologies. On one side there is the fall of the License Raj where everything is increasingly capitalistic. But pure capitalism expects everyone to risk a lot and have a “Mission Impossible”,entreprenial attitude. These will oppose each other, but the strong social traditions and pseudo- morality will prevail.

I need to believe that all this will result in a great economic and social catastrophe in the near future. I don’t know exactly how this will happen, but it will for sure because in a Democracy – people get what they deserve. And a democratic society always tries to correct itself.

I really wish to see an economic catastrophe where there is fall in the number of jobs and a fall in the value of currency. People will suffocate till they are near dead (metaphorically speaking), but they will realize – hey, why don’t we work together, and venture out to do what each one likes and what is great? That will bring about the new India that everyone is talking about.


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