• Somethings cannot be taught, it can only be learned.
  • The goal of a mind is not to reduce cognitive dissonance, but to keep it happy.
  • So it chooses to delude itself at times.
  • A process is a sequence of causes and effects.
  • Life is a process that resists any change that negatievely affects it’s sustenance.
  • Intelligence are the processes that it is ignorant of.
  • Choice is a log all the possible ways a process can churn out its final effects.
  • Fate is when all the possible ways a process can be, leads it to a finite number of final effects.
  • Ignorance is when the observer is unaware. It can be out of choice or out of infeasibility.
  • Knowledge is extremely lossy, managable information about another information which the observer is observing.
  • Observer is an intelligence which tries to reduce cognitive dissonance.
  • A random process is one for which the observer remains ignorant of.
  • Happiness is the state of a mind that it is more frequently in than other states it can be in.

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