Unity in Diversity

I had a friend at the hostel I stayed in Coimbatore who wanted to be a chef, but was forced to pursue engineering. My uncle had always wanted to study electronics but was forced to study commerce. He writes VBA apps at his bank, but I bet he could have contributed to the betterment of our lives had he been at AMD. The right person for the right job, doesn’t end up there. Why is that? I call this the manipulated pseudo- diversity of India.

The great shame of caste system is never felt unless someone sees the rest of the world. In very literate & modern societies of Kerala, an Iyer girl never marries a Nayar since they are not of the same sub-caste. I bet most of the Nayar gene pool has remained almost unchanged for the last 2000 years. The natural(god designed?) mechanism of nature to aid the diversity & betterment of the gene pool, has been deliberately manipulated by the people (and astrology?). People always voice against caste, but those same people “whisper” about that couple which tried to make a change. Who will want to venture to be different if the whole society has comments to make, when what you need is privacy in such matters?

There is no wonder why India has the largest number of people with genetically transfered diseases. They call themselves very healthy and strong, giggle at the soft, white skinned chinese when they try to accomplish that physical feat. But all had their heads down after the National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) test.

It is obvious that the caste system is the single greatest nonsensical genetic experiment carried out by our forefathers, which will keep churning out its evil consequences for many years to come. I must say I have lost all hope in India.


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