Further Proof

I have further proof for my theory that Indian “players” tend to less collaborative in iterated prisoner’s dilemma type scenarios with more than 2 “players”. In other words, cooperation does not evolve in extreme competition like it does in other societies. The following is an experience I had.

Players: Vinod, Pradeesh and Me.

Background: I am busy doing a high profile project for Philips. No time for anything else. Pradeesh is busy too with his final semester academics. Vinod is an independent consultant, he has a job for us. The task is to make an online bookshop. This is the first project he is giving us. If this job goes well, it would mean that there will future prospects for business between Vinod and us. Pradeesh is excellent at website design. He can churn out excellent sites within minutes. He is also a quick learner. If needed, he is capable of writing the code for the e-commerce bookshop, but that will


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