I am having a bad migraine right now. I have been having migraines for almost a lifetime. When I have them, I have these intense, throbbing and disabling headaches on the left side of my head for ~3 days. I hate light, sound and people when I have these headaches. Due to a form of Attribution Bias people generally like to blame it on my weak personality and geekiness.

For example, some like to think it is because of stress. I tell them – then how come I have them during vacations and times of leisure? And they tell me – “there are types of stress that people can be unaware of”. Bullshit! I have taken a course in psychology and how come I never heard of this mysterious type of stress? There is something that comes close called background stress – something everyone experiences in the term of their natural lives, but that is much low in my case because I am not cave man scared of wild beasts that may eat my offsprings.

Defeated at the face of rationalism these “blamers” ( people who like find the cause of my headache ) often resort to use my belief in the spiritual. They go on about the notion that all this is because of the sins someone committed. True. I believe it. But I also believe that man has been bestowed with an ability to be as dextrous as God himself ( John 10:35, Genisis 3:22 ) when it comes to deciding his fate and the way he experiences life.

One of the classic signs of a poor hypothesis is that it must expend great effort in avoiding falsification – elaborating reasons why the hypothesis is compatible with the phenomenon, even though the phenomenon didn’t behave as expected. But more on this in another post.

I have been doing some reading on migraines lately and this what I found:

My symptoms of migraine closely matches the descriptions of Familial hemiplegic migraine (FHM). FHM is a type of migraine with a genetic componant. These headaches typically last 1-3 days and are caused by calcium channel mutations, which occur in the pore and elsewhere.

In fact FHM makes sense in my case because my mom’s dad had it, my dad has it and many others like my mom’s brother and my dad’s brother. So basically, migraines run in the family.

Now all this made me thinking really deep into future, why would I want to be a dad, if all I have to give my offspring is pain and and resulting depression in life? I am really against genetically engineered humans who are made of the best of their parents; but only because of the fact that there may be cases of aborted embryos. On the other hand, I will be a supporter of gene therapy in human somatic cells; but is it really feasible? In my knowledge, using reverse transcriptase to modify the DNA is very error prone. I don’t know, I have to find out.


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