Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking of Girls

My cousin Margret once told me that girls could know whether a guy had a crush on them even if he didn’t explicitly express it. She proved that, if necessary, girls could even read the lips of a guy. That is, they could “hear” him from the movement of his lips.

Although I didn’t agree with her assumptions, I knew she was almost right. In fact, it is a well known fact that girls are programmed for such pseudo-psychic capabilities inorder to sustain life. A possible application of such abilities can be found when mothers raise their new born kids, or in espionage: FBI is known to have recruited many female lip readers for surveillance.

As with many forms of engineering, there are tradeoffs here too. For example, such pseudo-psychic capabilities make them vulnerable to prejudice and belief in empirical observations. That makes them exploitable or “hackable”. There are endless possibilities as to how such vulnerabilities can be put to use.

Consider a simple situation where you have a crush on a girl. What is the best way to make sure she knows it? Solution: Act foolish, when she is around, like you can’t find words to speak, like you lost all the guts (which you usually have) when facing her. Remember Harry Potter? He accidentally drooled his drink when Cho Chang looked his way. Something like that…

Although a hindsight bias will make you feel otherwise…I find that most geeks (including me) tend to act normal and very formal when their crushes are around. As if that girl is just like any other girl.


One thought on “Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking of Girls

  1. This is pure BS! How did you ever come up with this? A woman is not an object to be hacked/exploited. Tricking anyone is the coward’s way. Now, we maybe geeks or nerds but we have righteousness. integrity and we are certainly not cowards.

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