Love and Social Acceptance

How can you convince others that you are a successful and capable man? The best way is to be completely superficial in your choice of mates. What would you think if you saw a strikingly beautiful woman with a below-average-looking man? You would think that he must have some desirable hidden traits. Perhaps he is smart, sensitive or even rich. Seeing him with a beautiful woman would increase your opinion of his deep unobservable characteristics. Now, what would you think if instead you saw this same man with an average-looking woman with a terrific personality? Probably nothing, because you wouldn’t know she had a great personality.

If you are in a position where you need to convince others you have a nice personality, you need to pick prospective mates who have great observable traits. Indian bachelors should rejoice after reading this, because the custom of arranged marriages will allow you to do just that….

Happy Valentines Day!


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