Political Strategy

In this post I would like to propose a strategy to get both the BJP and Congress Party to support campaign finance reform. Some eccentric billionare should propose a campaign finance bill. The billionare promises that if the bill doesn’t get enacted into law, then he will give Rs. 50 billion to whichever party did the most to support it.

If the other party supports the bill then your party have to as well or they get Rs. 50 billion. Similarly, if they don’t support the reform, you should support the bill, and then use your 50 billion to crush them in the next election. This strategy would likely work, and not even cost the billionare anything.


One thought on “Political Strategy

  1. THAT is one interesting theory. I’m surprised that you keep up with our whacked politics even in Singapore. As for me, after my dissapointment with the local (and national) communists, I kinda don’t have much interest in politics anymore. All I have left there is mostly dissappointment.

    -AbrahamV (after seeing your post)

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