You’re Hired!

I am very confused and excited today. I have been offered a job in Temasek Polytechnic(TP). Dr. Yin asked me whether I was interested. I don’t know whether I will get the job but he told me he will ask me again a few months before I graduate. Anyway I told him that I liked the environment in the Polytechnic.

He told me that the Polytechnic wanted candidates who have experienced their projects and completed their National Service or exempted from it. This means among the students who graduate from TP only a few will be eligible. My job duties will include working with development projects that are undertaken at the polytechnic. He also hinted that I will be taken to Philips along with other staff members as a part of my job. Mr. Matti had previously mentioned that TP will sent one of their staff to US next year for a demo.

This event has given me an uplift which I haven’t felt for a long time. I feel like I am better than my peers. Their sarcasm towards my predipositions and peer rejections don’t affect me anymore.

Who knows may be this is just a trick to keep me working hard in my internship this semester. Or may be I will end up in US for a product demo with philips. I don’t mind dwelling on such feel good dreams these days. Because all my life I have been a loser who experienced success just because someone was sympathetic to me. And these dreams where all I had to make me feel better.

So this is what I am going to do: I will assume I got the job with a very high salary, higher than my peers. That will show them who I am and what I am capable of. After all money is really one of the most important things in life, though most of the liars out there tell me no.


One thought on “You’re Hired!

  1. You need the money dude. Who knows you might want to go for a degree program?

    “Because all my life I have been a loser who experienced success just because someone was sympathetic to me.”

    I for one am NOT sympathetic, i see the sergey brin in you, because you are different than your peers. If i were to be studying overseas, i might resort to do like you, i might not be lazy because i don’t get subsidies like i do being a local.

    Another thing i see is that i can learn more with you other than the rest, because all we both do are basically the same thing. We have OUR OWN home version PBL programs which is already designed in our brains before we even stepped into the instituition. it’s very different PBL than TP’s version.

    If one person does his PBL on a certain area,and the other does another PBL in a different area (/which interests each of them, consequently motivation/) with all the resources that each picks up, and both shares the resources and provides explanations on the idea, both could benefit from it.

    Sounds like TP PBL? Nope, i can send you the paper that i wrote for PSPS on the problem with TP’s version of PBL.

    A little abt what i wrote: It’s actually not just solving problems. It involves many things to make it to a true, refined PBL.

    “Their sarcasm towards my predipositions and peer rejections don’t affect me anymore.”

    I feel the same, so i hunger for the recognition. like
    “I’m better than you thing”. But as i found out, it doesn’t matter anymore, as long i know what i’m doing is the best for myself and for humanity, for which they will regret what they had said to you and wished they were your good friend. But i do not wish to do that deliberately just for recognition, but rather doing it as a person with a low profile.

    While studying there, i learn to value people, no matter which country they came from, what skin color they have, and what religion are they or so.

    you have a gift, don’t abuse it by what i’ve said above, people will have less respect for you, in the future.

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