Vivid Dreams….

I had a very disturbing dream today morning. The dream starts off with me getting engaged to an old classmate (for whom I’ve had infatuations in school), but the grandpa of the girl didn’t like me. So they asked me to leave her house. You should have seen how her brothers looked at me. I felt embarrassed and like as if I lost something very precious. But still I left her house with my 2 friends. Suddenly, getting outside her house, I find myself in outside in “Green Park” ( my mother’s house – it is a very beautiful place – I have a lot of sentimental feelings and nostalgic memories associated with this place ). It was a cold moonlit night, I could see all the stars and I described to my friends how I and my father would stand in the terrace watching them and counting them. I walked till I reached the gate of Rahul’s house ( an old friend ). Beyond this place were the paddy fields and the ponds where I used to enjoy. To my astonishment I found a water theme park and people getting tickets to get a swim where I used to go for free. I felt very sad and lost all hope. Suddenly I woke up.

What does all this mean? What the hell is wrong with me? Am I loosing my mind after I left India?


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