Harvesting Enthusiasm

The elites and the management aim to harvest enthusiasm.

The micro-manager believes it has to control all aspects of production, and therefore restricts self-management, and the creative spirit. This type of manager demands disobedience and obedience at the same time.

The macro-manager, is more hands-off and do not demand disobedience and obedience at the same time.

The better a manager becomes, the more hands-off he/she becomes.

Until we reach the elites. The elites manage entire civilizations. But the good elites know they are not in control of the flow of the culture, and can only capitalize on social movements, catastrophes and conflicts. The bad elites think they can affect the flow, and try to create the environments beneficial for them, but they end up experiencing unintended blow-backs. 


Corollaries to Primacy of Existence

  • Existence holds primacy over consciousness
  • That which is independent of your wishes and wants holds primacy over your wishes and wants.
  • If something is purely beyond your control, then your expectations/desires/theories of the said thing should merely be a game to you. You should stake your emotional well being, your health, your wealth only in proportion, to the degree of control/predictability you have over the said thing. And you shouldn’t be disappointed when it doesn’t go as predicted. It should be like a failed trade when what matters is your annual returns.
  • If someone is purely beyond your control, then your expectations about the said person, shouldn’t be taken seriously. You should trust people to do the right thing only in proportion to how predictable they were. But you shouldn’t be surprised when they act against your expectations.
  • Allegiance towards necessary affirmations is the only thing that is called for. Contingent affirmations do not deserve any loyalty. People often do it the other way around. They are skeptical about necessary affirmations, but they are pathologically loyal to contingent affirmations.

Advantages of self-deception

Liars often deceive themselves so as to be more convincing to the people they lie to.

The victims of liars are driven by certain unstated premises, for example, the idea that nobody will want to harm themselves.

So a liar who has deceived himself will seem truthful, because his victims cannot find reasons for why the liar would attempt to hurt his own self by denying reality.

The phrase so as to I used above has to be interpreted loosely. Often conspiracies and deviousness can be pursued without conscious intentions. There is something within us which can drive us to act in ways to help us get what we truly want without knowing.

Fighting non-violence non-violently

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I think they are using math to fight non-violence.

Don’t hire women

Tinder’s VP of marketing is suing a male CMO for sending her angry text messages during their breakup from a romantic relationship. The CMO was suspended and will probably have to leave the company.

What bothers me is that the VP is also suing the CMO for sexual harassment, when in fact I see nothing sexual in the text messages. And I don’t think words can sexually harass anyone. Words and thoughts are protected by the right to free speech and expression. The idea of victimless crimes like offensive remarks against a woman, are just as absurd as blasphemy against a religious figure. We don’t punish people for blasphemy, so how can we turn around punish people for blasphemy against a woman?

I have learned from this and other stories, that hiring women is probably a bad idea. Sure one might get sued for it. But it is better to be sued for bad hiring practices than to be wrongfully accused of sexually harassing women.

Here is why I try not to want somethings, but want other things.

I think it is stupid to want to something badly when another person holds the keys to it. Surely trade must be desired, to be initiated, but one shouldn’t expect the trade to complete. The other person decides whether one half of the trade will happen, so we should always have a strong alternative, without losing the desire to trade. And in trades in which no potential alternative exists if the trade doesn’t go through, the trade should not be desired.

So in romantic love one should have many options. In any form of love or friendship, one should always arm oneself with what to do if the relationship breaks down.

The safest thing to want is something that you can create yourself.